Since we are born, we are oriented towards our parents. We follow their values and their behavior. Their guidance and their ways of upbringing their child is very important because that is the first key that makes a child who he is. If the child experiences a negative childhood due to their parents, it usually results to the child having negative attitude in his life. However, positive parents usually help develop their child in a successful way. Therefore, the role of parents is very important in the development of the child and throughout the first years in the child’s life, in the process of teaching the child, the child becomes much attached to their parents because they are the person who first gives them the feeling of being safe and loved. Children usually get more attached to their mother because mothers are the first caregiver. Let’s see in which age do the children become attached to their parents, why children are attached to their parents - most specifically to their mother -, and the importance of having a good impression on the child and lastly, the advantages and disadvantages of being attached to their parents.